From the city of Londrina, Brazil, the missionaries expanded toward the whole world, to bring the Word of the God and the service of charity to the poorest among the poor. Today, we are present in the five continents.

America is the continent of birth and expansion. Here took place the first experiences and welcome the many candidates who entered the Congregation, relying, already at the time of the Foundation of many members, in addition to the 22 Sisters co-foundresses. Today we are present in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay.

On 1965 is the first Foundation outside Brazil, in Europe, in Rome (Italy), and Switzerland, Germany, France and thereupon still in Portugal and in Poland, thus marking the presence in 6 European countries.

In 1969 it was the turn of the Foundation in Africa, Ivory Coast and Gabon. On that occasion our Foundress thus spoke: "the coming to this land becomes reality. Our Congregation, still so young, thanks to her daughters, walking side by side with the Church and for the Church of Christ. Anything is possible when driven by love of God we act out of love for God. That is the motive of our whole existence. The mission here, my daughters is great”. Today there are communities in Ivory Coast, Gabon, Togo and Mozambique.

In 1979 it was the turn of Australia, in Oceania. The Foundress commented this event: "With joy, I inform you that we already started our Mission in Australia, where the good Lord has shown us how our field of action among the Italian migrants".

Since 1990 our Congregation is present in Asia. The founders are gone, but the way was prepared by them. The opening of the community in the Philippines took place in 1990 and today there are three communities in this country. We are also present in India and Indonesia.